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Welcome to our yearly Max Guitar Sale! Mega Discounts on loads of gear! We are saying goodbye to a large selection of effects, amps, guitars and accessories and farewell to a number of brands we will be replacing with other brands!

We emptied the bowels of our warehouse, the attic and the basement here in Scheveningen and came up with vast quantities of gorgeous goodies and gear we want to sell off for very interesting prices! Check out our sale listings and find your desired instrument or amp on our site.

Have you already seen our Youtube channel? Check out our channel for more videos!

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We have a unique network in the vintage guitar market. Each instrument is carefully selected and receives the same love and care our new instruments do.

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We offer trade-in for all major brands. You also receive 6 months warranty on all pre-owned items.

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From small adjustments to major repair jobs. There’s nothing like work done by the hands of a specialist.

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About Max Guitar

We at Max Guitar are motivated by the love for guitars. We aim to serve and supply all guitarists. All staff at Max Guitar are guitar players, guitar enthusiasts and will not compromise when it comes to our instruments and equipment. We only carry gear that we know you will love for years to come.

Max Guitar is more than your average shop. We offer a pleasant atmosphere, great service, and personal assistance from people who are guitarists themselves. At the Max Café you can get the best coffee in town, and meet people who share the same passion.

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