Amalio Burguet was born in 1951. He gained his craftmanship building guitars from very young working in various workshops.

In 1984 his dream came true, he opened his own workshop in Catarroja. It is here where he applies everything he has learned, building high quality handmade guitars, but at the same time affordable for all, both professionals and students.
Currently he continues to work in his small family workshop with his his son Damian, while his daughter Vanessa runs the office. Amalio and Damian have been building together for many years now, to the point that they work at the same high skill level. The knowledge and craftsmanship have been passed on to the new generation so the future of Burguet guitars is secured!

"All Burguet guitars are by hand in the workshop in Catarroja. We use our great experience of craftsmanship and the best materials amongst those the best wood, completely solid in all models mentioned, with a minimum drying time of 7 years. We also use the most innovative glues to the most special varnishes that exist."

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