10.000 Youtube Subscribers: D'Angelico Giveaway!

We at Max Guitar eat, sleep and breath D'Angelico. We simply LOVE the Design, the Mojo, the models and what the new management is doing with the Brand! We are THE trusted address for anything D'Angelico and we have the knowledge and the experience to back this up with all the service and information you might need. be it a starter model or a high end Excel model.

As we have just reached 10000 subscribers on our YouTube-channel, we are celebrating this fact OUT LOUD by giving away a D'Angelico Excel SS Natural!

IT'S AMAZING and really anyone can join!

How can you join in? It's easy!

  1. For five consecutive weeks we will release a D'Ancelico video on our YouTube-channel
  2. Each D'angelico video will contain one secret word, try your best to spot it!
  3. Once you have gathered the five secret words, they will form one sentence.
  4. Click the link below, fill out the form and submit this sentence to us!


Items 1-24 of 46
Items 1-24 of 46

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