Inflation Damnation Celebration SALE

Times are tough! Groceries, Energy and shipping prices are going through the ROOF! But we adapt and move forward!

We’re lowering the prices on selected items like: Guitars, Amps, effects, accessories and more! Hundreds of items going out with substantial discounts so we all can keep heating, eating and buying the gear that we LOVE!

View the items, order online and/or make an appointment to come to the store! We emptied the bowels of our warehouse, raided the attic and the basement here in Scheveningen and came up with hundreds of items we WANT to sell off for very interesting prices! Put on that extra sweater and hat and check out the listings below.

We will continuously update this list with more epic finds, treasures and relics as we go along and move through the barren and freezing cold period of the winter here in Scheveningen! Max has your back! Simply order online or stop by and take your pick!

*All items are sold "as is". All sales are final. No trades unless equally low.

Items 1-48 of 270
Items 1-48 of 270

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