Diamond Fireburst

Fireburst Fuzz/Distrortion
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TIME TO GET GREASY, TIME TO GET FUZZY Nothing sticks out in a persons mind when they see a concert than a guitarist with a tone that just begs the listener to pay attention. A powerful fuzz can be sure to do just this, maybe one reason the sub-category of effect pedals has seen such a rise in cult-like ascension. Made in Canada, the Diamond Fireburst is a straight-up no-nonsense fuzz pedal that can easily take over the role of most distortion pedals as well. Along with knobs for Gain, Bass, Treble and Volume you will find two stomp switches. One for turning the pedal on and off, when off you will find the True Bypass handy to preserve your tone, and another for adding a Mid-Boost to really add a new layer of beef to the overall tone for a more rocking distortion. SET THE STAGE ALIGHT WITH THIS SIZZLING SCORCHER If you want to make a statement with your guitar playing, then you need to make sure you have a distortion or fuzz pedal that you can bank on night in and night out, then the Diamond Fireburst gives you what you need in one handy tank-like box that will open up more real estate on your pedalboard for more complimentary effects to surround the dirt box with and strive for your own signature tone-synthesis. Do not let a low-grade distortion pedal be the weakest link in your signalchain and be sure that people will remember your performance for all the right reasons! Order your Diamond Fireburst from MaxGuitar today and leave a smoldering wreckage in your wake! Features: True bypass signal path. Footswitchable beween thick liquid fuzz and focused mid-boosted distortion. Premium audio components, include 2% polypropylene capacitors and 1% metal film resistors. All discrete-component distortion and mid-boost circuit. Active Baxandall bass/treble tone control system with audiophile grade op-amp. Battery or standard negative tip 9V DC adaptor operation.
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Brand Diamond

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