Earthquaker Devices Transmisser

Resonant Reverb
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The EarthQuaker Devices Transmisser is not just any reverb pedal. Its not exactly subtle and it was not designed to emulate vintage reverbs or to give you spring reverb. The Transmisser is a resonant reverb pedal that can deliver extreme sounds and mellower tones that you can control with the many knobs on the black and pink enclosure.


There are six black rotary controls on the EarthQuaker Devices Transmisser. With the Decay knob, you can control the length of the reverb trails. Darkness controls the clarity of the reverb and with Freq you can control the frequency of the resonant filter that processes the reverb. Turn it clockwise for the highs and the other way for lower frequencies. Theres an extra jack input on the right of the pedal to connect an expression pedal that you can also use for controlling the frequencies.Warp is a system slew control. To the left, youll get a mellower reverb and turning the knob to the right will result in a more tight, refined reverb. Rate controls the speed of the modulation and with Mix you can set the balance between your dry and your wet signal. The EarthQuaker Devices Transmisser is powered with a 9 volt power supply.
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