Stone Deaf Syncopy

Digitally Controlled Analog Delay
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From short classic delays to long and lush modulated echoes and all the way to otherworldly special fx, Syncopy does it all without flinching, while providing the deep and ultra-precise control required by modern day musicians.Stone Deaf Syncopy at a glance:• Analog bucket-brigade delay pedal - from 50ms to 1 sec of delay time• Built-in Modulation - add lush movement or crazy Special FX to your trails• Tap Tempo and 4 subdivisions - get your delays in sync or hold tap for wild self-oscillation• 128 Presets - first 4 readily available directly on the pedal, additional presets available via MIDI• Expression and MIDI control - for on the fly parameter changes• Handmade in the UK with True-Bypass switchingThe analog portion offers a wide delay range from 50ms right up to 1 second. In addition, weve added a vast analog modulation landscape with complete independent control over Depth, Rate and Shape. This lets you both stay within the lines of the vintage delay canvas or blow the painting wide open with bold new sonic strokes that completely reshape and redefine what an analog delay can and should sound like.Syncopys digital section controls all of this analog goodness and gives you access to tap-tempo and four different subdivisions, so your delays will always sit nicely in time with your tunes. If you want to get crazy though, you can press and hold the Tap Tempo switch, effectively sending the pedal into self-oscillation for sudden bursts of ambience. On top of this you also get access to 4 on-board presets (which can be expanded to 128(!!!) via MIDI) for quick settings recall during a session, as well as extensive Expression and MIDI control, seeing you alter and morph your delays seamlessly during a gig.The Syncopy features soft-touch relay-based foot switches for reliant and noiseless on-stage use and has internal voltage regulation for varying 9v supplies.The Tone and volume pots are not digitally controlled, but these let you adjust Syncopy to your rig for the perfect placement within your pedal chain. An additional pot is also accessible on the back of the pedal if you need to control the input level of the product (via a small hole, so you dont have to open the pedal, but simply adjusted with a Philips screwdriver). This allows you to adjust the input to tailor for the weakest single coils, all the way up to high output pickups or even line level sources such as synths and keyboards etc.With the expression input, or via MIDI CC, you can control seven parameters, saving each of them to the 4 on-board presets (plus an additional 124 presets via MIDI): Time (from 50mS slap-back delay to 1 second analog delay), MIX (from 100% wet to 100% dry), Feedback, Mod Rate, Mod Depth, Mod Shape (from Square wave to Sine Wave and everything in between) and Beat Divisions (from Crotchets, Triplets, Semi-Quaver, Dotted-Quaver to 16ths).

Stone Deaf Syncopy Features:

  • Delay Type: Analog bucket-brigade
  • Delay Time: 50mS (slap-back) to 1 second
  • Modulation: Analog - variable shape (square to Sine Wave)
  • Signal path: All analog design (no digital signal path)
  • Control: Digital
  • Bypass mode: True Bypass (Relay)
  • S/N ratio: 100% wet 78db, 100% dry 86db (typical)
  • Presets: 4 Built-in (128 via MIDI)
  • Connectivity: Analog Input/ Output, MIDI and Expression Inputs
  • Power Requirements: 9V -centre DC (not supplied)
  • Current draw: 250mA
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