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The original Tone King Falcon is a smaller and simpler vintage voiced 12w amplifier that had an interesting voicing setup that let you easily go between 3 different preamp styles with just one control. But some people wanted this amp with a bit more control some updated features and most of all a 12 inch speaker. Well your prayers have been answered with the Tone King Falcon Grande that takes the trusted old Falcon amp and just gives you more.More features and improvements on the trusted Falcon you asked for: bigger 12 inch speaker, higher wattage (from 12 to 20 watts) Switchable channels, Real Spring reverb and a better Attenuator.

Three Voicings

The Falcon was really popular thanks to the fact that it has three different voicing modes that completely change the sound of the amp. The Grande is the same featuirng a 60s Deluxe style tone a 50s Tweed tone and a more powerful Lead voicing that is neither fuzzy nor biting thanks to a new addition to this amp. By adding in an acoustic lens to the cabinet Tone King have managed to eliminate a lot of the harsh high end that you would normally expect out of this kind of circuit. Leaving you with a stunning round sound that is usable for blues, jazz or any other similar style.

More Power, Bigger Speaker

One of the most requested upgrades for the Falcon was to give it a larger 12 inch speaker. By doing this the amplifier would have a bit more low end punch without sacrificing its beautiful midrange. Doing this though normally requires a bit more power though so Tone King have upped the power from 12w to a meaty 20w. That may not look a lot on paper but in the flesh this means greater headroom and more volume.

Real Spring Reverb

A lot of amplifiers have reverb built in now but very few have a system like this. Based on the old outboard spring reverb units from the 60s you have 2 controls for your reverb, volume and dwell. This extra dwell control in the reverb really lets you dial in the exact kind of verb you want from a darker more subtle effect to a brighter and more present effect.

Footswitch Control

One other request to improve the original Falcon was to introduce a footswitch that would change between the different voicing modes. That has been implemented in to this amp with added reverb control as well making this amp much more usable in a gig environment.

Ironman II Attenuator

The final major update to this amplifier is that it now features Tone Kings updated Ironman II attenuator. This attenuator offers 6 levels of attenuation taking you from bedroom levels to gig volume in a turn of a knob. What really makes this attenuator special though is that it has been perfectly tuned to match the impedance curve of your speaker and tonality of your amp so your tone stays the same at any volume.Heres what Tone King say about the Falcon GrandeThe 20W, 1x12 inch Falcon Grande offers a single channel preamp with a unique 3-position voicing switch, for three distinct flavors of old-school vintage tone. It includes a 2-knob spring reverb with dwell and mix controls, and a built-in Ironman-II attenuator with a tuned reactive load. The included 4-button footswitch controls both reverb and voicing selection.


  • Configuration: 1x12 Combo
  • Output Power: 20W
  • Speaker: 12 inch Custom-Design Speaker, Made by Eminence
  • Preamplifier: Single Channel With Footswitchable Voicing Control
  • Reverb: Full-Size Spring Pan
  • Reverb Controls: Dwell, Reverb Mix, Footswitchable Controls
  • Power Attenuator: Ironman II Precision Compensated Power Attenuator
  • Load Type: Tuned Reactive Load
  • Attenuation Steps: 6 Steps: 0db, -3db, -9db, -15db, -24db, -36db
  • Footswitch: 4-button Footswitch with LED indicators
  • Footswitch Functions: Voicing Selection, Reverb On/Off
  • Tube Complement: 2 x 12AX7, 2 x 5881
  • Color Choices: Black, Brown/Cream, All Cream, Turquoise/White
  • Dimensions: 22-1/2 inch W x 19 inch T x 11 inch D
Condition New
Brand Tone King

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