Tone King Sky King 35W 6L6 Combo Turquoise

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The Sky King combo features a genuine built-in Ironman attenuator, and fully handwired circuitry -- the first handwired Tone King amp in 20 years of amp building. The novel handwiring approach developed by designer Mark Bartel adds a whole new level of depth and dimension to Tone Kings authentic vintage tone recipe, and an incredibly responsive feel that makes Sky King an amp that really wants to be played.The built-in genuine Ironman attenuator gives you 6 levels of attenuation, and preserves the natural tone and feel of the amp all the way down to true bedroom volume (-36db). It includes separate attenuation controls for the rhythm and lead channels, so that the attenuation level will change automatically as you switch between rhythm and lead channels. A unique Output Mode switch doubles the tonal range by allowing you to operate Sky Kings 6L6GC output tubes in either Pentode mode or Ultralinear mode. This gives you the choice between the crisp, present, and dynamic sound of Pentode mode, or the oldschool sound of Ultralinear mode - thick, chunky mids, a sweetly burnished top end, and a nice natural compression (as on the Tone King Falcon).Sky Kings 1x12 combo cabinet is finely tuned to capture the woody resonance, open, organic sound, and elastic feel of a well worn vintage cab, but without the flabby bottom end. It is loaded with the new Celestion G12M-65 creamback speaker.

Tone King Sky King 35W 6L6 Combo Turquoise Features:

  • Two channel preamp, rhythm and lead
  • Tube driven string reverb
  • Tube driven tremolo
  • Output Stage: 35W; 2x 6L6GC, cathode biased, ultralinear or pentode mode 5U4G Tube Rectifier
  • Preamp Tubes: 4x12AX7, 1x12AT7
  • Cabinet: 1x12 combo cab with Celestion G12M65 creamback speaker
  • Built in Ironman attenuator -- separate attenuation controls for rhythm and lead channels
  • Handwired Circuitry
  • Size: 24 x 12"
  • Weight: 40lbs.
Condition New
Brand Tone King

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