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If you want to trade or sell your guitar. Please contact us and describe your instrument as accurate as possible. You can provide pictures via email. Make sure your pictures are a good representation of the instrument and that the pics are not too big! Note that the more information we receive, the better we can quote you a price! We would be happy to deal with your trade or sell request, but we can only actively deal with your request if you provide us with complete information. So we need ALL the information designated below. Max Guitar only buys rare, collectible or current items by the well-known brands and can only buy your item when a reasonable margin is to be expected when selling it. In other words: the expected value will always be under the current market value.

  • Brand
  • Type/Model
  • Year of Production
  • Serial Number
  • Description
  • Expected Value
  • Weight (without case)
  • Additional Information
  • Modifications to the guitar
  • Damage
  • Accessories
  • Products that interest you for a potential trade

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