A true Classic in Vintage Burst! 

The Gibson ES-335 is an instrument that exudes the timeless and renowned nature of Gibson. It has an unforgettable feel and tone, not to mention its outstanding style. Classic in every sense, the ES-335 combines that unmistakable rock 'n' roll sound with a design that yearns for the modern stage. A sound that defined an era...

Here sonic power and immersive dynamics reign. Distinctive, elegant and ready to live up to your passion for performance. You'll be able to unleash a tone of exceptional warmth and clarity. With a duo of calibrated Humbucker pickups, you can open up a whole world of tonal possibilities. Combined with a semi-hollow construction, you get a unique flavor and excellent natural resonance. For playing, this ES-335 features an incredibly lightweight design and a smooth, modern feel. This translates into total freedom and comfort when playing. Let yourself be inspired and play an instrument that will never stop you.

ES-335 Vintage Burst #226610000
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Brand Gibson
Condition New

Gibson ES-335 Vintage Burst



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