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The Fender Stratocaster. One of the greatest icons of electric guitar design, development and craftsmanship. The comfortable body contour double-cutaway body shape, three single coil pickups, five-way switch (as from 1977) and three controls featuring Strat is a classic ever since the introduction in 1954. Played by the greatest, Buddy Guy, Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour, Rory Gallagher Ritchie Blackmore and so on. At Max Guitar we have an extensive collection of Stratocasters, from high-end Fender Custom Shop Strats to budget friendly Squiers.

Other ST-Style Guitars

Being the most produced guitar design, their are numerous, non-Fender, guitars that pay homage to the famous Stratocaster shape. Virutally all brands have at least one "ST-Style" guitar as part of their product line. Some are almost exact copies of the iconic Stratocaster while others take the basic ST-Style template and adjusted it to their liking. So called "Superstrats" are an example of the latter; often utilizing humbuckers in stead of singlecoils, larger frets all the way up to including a floyd rose tremolo for those heavy dive bombs. At Max Guitar we carry a large variety of ST-Style guitars, ranging from clones of the original model to souped up shredding machines and everything in between!


The guitar that started a revolution. One of the first solid body electric guitars on the market in 1951. Changed the history of popular music as we know it. The characteristic design, a single-cutaway body with two pickups, three-way switch, two controls and the unmistakable Telecaster headstock didn’t really change over the years. It is indestructible. Keef once used a Telecaster Deluxe to smash a fan in the face that came running up stage, strapped up again and played ahead. Telecaster still in tune.

Other T-Style Guitars

Fender’s iconic Telecaster has become such a cornerstone of electric guitar that, over the years, the design has disseminated more broadly throughout the market, spawning alternative renditions from a wide variety of guitar makers. Some are almost exact replicas of the original design, others take a more liberal approach and add humbuckers, additional switching, hardware, contouring and extravagant colours. At Max Guitar we carry the entire gamut!

Les Paul

The first Gibson Les Paul model saw the light of day on the market in 1952. After a few changes in design throughout the Fifties the Les Paul emerged in 1958 as the heroic guitar that in our time is known as The Holy Grail: the ‘58 – ‘60 Burst. Today the Les Paul still is of striking beauty. Always the beautiful single-cutaway body shape and available as a Studio, Standard, Deluxe or Custom model the Gibson Les Paul is a must have for every guitar player.

Other LP-Style Guitars

A single cutaway on a guitar makes it possible to play those high notes. So, for lead guitar or a soaring solo look no further. The most famous one being the Gibson Les Paul. Another popular LP-style guitar is build by PRS. The Custom 24 model is a modern take by Paul Reed Smith, with excellent built quality, design and appointments. The combination of a solid mahogany body, and maple top make for a snappy guitar with sustain and warmth. Great in all styles of music, and made in all price ranges.

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