Valuation & Trade

We like to give our customers the opportunity to sell or trade their guitars and other guitar related equipment. A fresh start! An exchange for something new, fresh and inspiring! A trade in often helps to smooth out the sharp edges on a price of a desirable new item!

If you want to exchange one or more items, please contact us via our social media channels, email, website chat or telephone. You can also download the trade-in form here:  (link)

We have a few trade-in rules:

  • Trade-in of products from well-known quality brands and products is always possible, but we reserve the right to refuse a trade-in.
  • We do not trade on our consignment items or heavily discounted products;
  • We prefer to exchange 1 on 1. We keep roughly between 50-75% of the targeted sales price as trade-in value.
  • If you want to trade or sell your guitar. Please contact and describe your instrument as accurate as possible. You can provide pictures via email or chat via the bottom-right of our website. Make sure your pictures are a good representation of the instrument and that they are not too big! Note that the more information we receive, the better we can quote you a price! we can only actively deal with your request if you provide us with complete information. So we need ALL the information designated on the form. Max Guitar only buys items from the well-known brands and can only buy your item when a reasonable margin is to be expected when selling it. In other words: the expected value will always be under the current market value.




We are always looking for beautiful used guitars etc. We can either purchase them from you or sell them on a consignment basis  for you(see below).  The straight up purchase value can roughly range from 40-75% of the final resale value of the instrument, of course depending on marketability, condition, weight, originality, completeness, alterations etc. etc.

CONSIGNMENT: We can sell your instrument on consignment as our network is huge with a well frequented store and more than 150.000 unique monthly visitors on our website! So chances we will sell your item(s) is high!

Consignment means that we accept, list, offer, advertise and sell the item(s) FOR you in our store and on our web site. After the factual sale we will settle the agreed amount with you, the owner. During the process the item(s) will be at our store in Scheveningen, but you will officially keep possession of the item(s). The item(s) will be insured and you will receive a consignment agreement, proving that you are the actual owner until the sale is completed.

The advantage of consignment is that you as the owner do not have to advertise or deal with sometimes difficult customers or receive them at your home! You will end up with more money on a sale then if you would sell directly to us and we the advantage for us as a store is that we do not have to invest in the product beforehand.

Please contact us if you would like more information about this.

The consignment commission can vary and sometimes up for discussion but is 20-25% as standard. This also covers all other costs such as:

  • Payments via credit card, PayPal, (approx. 2 to 4%)
  • Use of third-party websites such as Ebay, Marktplaats, Reverb (approx. 4-8%)
  • Packaging materials for shipment (approx. 10-20 Euro)
  • Shipping costs (20 and more Euro)
  • Finally, the processing and production costs: administrative entry, taking photos, describe, re-string and adjust/prepare for shipment. It

The costs that are passed on to you, the consignor:

  • Repair costs (other than the adjustment costs mentioned above) are not covered by the consignment fee. We communicate with you, the seller/consignor before we initiate any possible repair.
  • When you, the Consignor wants to take back any item, processing costs of €100, which are explained above will be charged. NOTE: These will be only charged when the guitar is taken back by

Payments of Consignments take place after the end of the period of entitlement to any refund (14 days)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!


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