The Maxwell Guitar line is thought out and produced by Max Guitar. Based on trusted comfortable vintage values and Craftsmanship combined with modern production techniques.

The Maxwell guitars are made right here in Europe. We believe in quality, local production by experienced luthiers, not in shortcut, profit driven production in far away lands! So these arrive here in our The Hague store in the Netherlands with minimal shipping costs, no import duties, no excessive taxation or the burden of expensive ad campaigns! This is reflected in the pricing but also saves energy and other resources, in short: better for the environment!

Maxwell: Serious Guitars for Serious Players!

The Maxwells are Custom Shop level instruments for serious players in several aging levels from clean, pristine shiny to extreme heavy relic, all made by experienced luthiers! High quality and reasonable prices in a high end market where prices nowadays soar beyond the reach of many players, but not these Maxwell guitars! Divided in four ranges: The "Plank", The "Axe", the "Stang" and The "Offset". We would like to ask you to try these guitars to get an impression of the sheer quality and to experience the proof that high quality does not need to mean sheer unaffordable guitars!


Bespoke Custom Orders

Check our stock online or order one to your own specifications. We do take special orders and I would Love to talk to you about your ideas about your own bespoke and very personal take on any of the four guitar models! Let us get you a personalized Quote!


The Maxwell "Plank" & "Axe"

Based on the most well-known guitar models in today’s and yesteryears guitar market; Custom Shop level instruments, made with Love & care, with this difference that one of these will not leave you totally penniless and waiting times on a Custom order guitar will be a few months instead of a few years! Specs of the "Plank" and "Axe" run totally parallel to those often seen with Fender Custom Shop models. So Alder and Ash bodies, 9.5 inch radius, 25.5 inch scale maple necks with- or without Rosewood boards. Note that alternative specs on Custom orders are possible! Check out our Plank stock and Axe stock and simply talk to us!

Ageing levels can vary from clean and pristine (NOS) through moderate ageing all the way through to extreme ageing.


The Maxwell "Offset"

…is the newest edition to the exquisite Guitar line. The cool looking semi hollow "Offset" is based on a design that combines several vintage influences and was introduced by respected builders like Dennis Fano and others some years ago. These Fano / Novo inspired offsets are available at Max Guitar now, unhindered by complicated USA imports and unfavorable exchange rates as they are made right here on the continent! All the best materials compiled into one lightweight guitar that plays like you have owned it for years. Aging levels can vary from clean and pristine (NOS) through moderate aging all the way through to extreme aging.

This model features a choice of body woods: tone woods like Alder, Ash, Pine and mahogany body are available but also Chestnut or walnut can be chosen, of course with or without exquisite tops. Neck woods can be maple, mahogany, full rosewood or maybe even an exotic wood of your choice.

The most common specs are 25.5 inch scale, compound radius mahogany neck with a vintage "C" shape and either maple, rosewood or ebony board, the guitars come with a dual action, carbon reinforced truss rod for more active setup control, the frets are usually Jescar 55090 and the neck has a bone nut and either dot, trapeze or mother of pearl block fretboard inlays, inlayed dots on the side of the neck. Etc.

The pickups can be a variety of either PAF inspired Humbuckers, P-90s, Single coils or other pickups of your choice (possible added price) The former are made by the same luthiers that make these awesome looking and playing guitars for us. The humbucking pickups can be featured with push pull pots and coil tap or special wiring for a maximum variety in sound and styles. Furthermore standard specs contain: nickel hardware, Football jack output plate, standard strap pins, (strap locks are optional), Gotoh staggered tuners. The guitar comes standard with a gig bag or (optional) case.

But again: Alternative specs on Custom orders are possible! Simply check out our stock or talk to us!


The Maxwell "Stang"

Is our take on an offset model made by a popular US brand, with a few simplifications and twists, like better pickups and for instance simplified electronics and better string angles and hardware. These guitars are built to sound better and operate more easily than their well known counterparts. All specs are conform you would expect, with Alder, Ash and maple, Ageing levels can vary from clean and pristine (NOS) through moderate aging all the way through to extreme aging.

And again: Alternative specs on Custom orders are possible! Simply check out our stock or talk to us!



  • Case: + € 125
  • Custom Color - Dartford's Standard Colors/Custom Mixed: + € 200
  • (Heavy) relic: + € 100
  • Straplocks: + € 25
  • Matching Headstock: + € 50
  • Body Top Binding: + € 50
  • Double Bound: + € 75
  • Custom Neck Profile/Fretboard Radius: + € 100
  • Fret Sizes: + € 0
  • Sparkle Finish: + € 100
  • Roasted Maple Neck: + € 100
  • AAA(A) Flamed Neck: + € 250
  • Full Rosewood Neck: + € 350

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