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Over 40 years experience in high end guitars and amps!

Why Maxguitar?

Specialized in Custom Shop & Vintage

With over 35 years of experience, we built a unique knowledge in vintage and Custom Shop guitars. We have an extensive and worldwide network of buyers and sellers. We dare to say that we can meet every demand! Challenge us.

In return and special deals

We understand the emotion that comes with buying a guitar. This includes trading and making special deals. We want you to always have a guitar that is completely to your liking. And.. will that change again tomorrow? No problem. You can always exchange.

Service is not just a hollow phrase

Ofcourse. Everyone offers service. But what exactly does it mean? At Maxguitar we know exactly what a customer expects and can expect. And so we always go the extra mile. The best service, old-fashioned and personal.


A guitar needs love. Not just after purchase, but for a lifetime. That is why we employ the best passionated repairers who work in an extensive repair shop. Adjustments, repairs and regular maintenance, they love to do it for you.

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