Dunlop and MXR are a revered name in the world of guitar effects, known for producing a wide range of high-quality pedals that have defined the tones of countless musicians across various genres. The history of Dunlop effects dates back to the 1970s when Jim Dunlop, a respected guitar tech and innovator, founded the company with a vision to create effects pedals like the Cry Baby Wah Wah that pushed the boundaries of sound manipulation.  Jim Dunlop acquired the MXR brand in 1987 and continued the pedal line of original MXR classics, such as the Phase 90 and Dyna Comp. Dunlop continued to lead the industry with iconic pedals, gaining a reputation for their reliability, versatility, and distinct tones.


Jimi Dunlop, the son of Jim Dunlop, adapted Dunlop effects to modern times and is the founder of Dunlop Manufacturing. he played a pivotal role in shaping the company's legacy through his fresh, innovative pedal designs like the Carbon Copy and Fullbore Metal and continuous dedication to serving the needs of musicians worldwide. His passion for music and commitment to quality craftsmanship have established Dunlop effects as THE household name among guitarists, bassists, and other instrumentalists seeking to enhance their sound with premium effects pedals, picks and other accessories. Jimi Dunlop's vision and expertise have set a standard of excellence that continues to inspire new generations of musicians and gear enthusiasts alike.

The Dunlop and MXR line of effects pedals offers a diverse selection of sonic tools. From classic fuzz, distortion and overdrive pedals to cutting-edge modulation and time-based effects, Dunlop's lineup covers all the essentials for shaping and refining your tone. Whether you're a blues player looking for creamy overdrive, a metal guitarist in search of crushing distortion, or an experimental musician exploring new sonic territories, Dunlop effects deliver the tonal versatility and reliability needed to unleash your creativity on stage and in the studio.

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