(prelim. picture) Introducing the 1979 Fender Stratocaster Hardtail, a vintage gem cherished by guitar enthusiasts for its remarkable craftsmanship and unique features. This one is lightweight at 3,5 kilo and has incredible tone and sustain.

This guitar is clearly not mint but the mojo and toine more than make up for that. this will sound KILLER on stage! Crafted in the iconic Fender tradition, this particular model stands out for its rare hardtail bridge configuration, providing enhanced sustain and tuning stability compared to its tremolo-equipped counterparts. What sets this instrument apart is its exceptional lightweight as most of the late seventies strat were well over 4 kilos, so this one is a rarity for guitars of its era with 3,5 kilos. The nicely figured ash body, finished in a sleek and timeless three tone sunburst finish, contributes to its light feel, making it a joy to wield on stage or in the studio. The maple neck with a comfortable "C" profile and smooth rosewood fingerboard ensures effortless playability, while the vintage-style frets retain their original charm and feel. Fitted with a trio of original vintage-style single-coil pickups, this Stratocaster delivers the classic bell-like tones and dynamic response that define the Fender sound. Whether you're a collector seeking a piece of Fender history or a player craving the vintage mojo and playability, the 1979 Fender Stratocaster Hardtail is a rare find that promises to inspire for years to come. At one time it had a roland synth pickup intalled on the body (hence the two small holes that we will fill) and it had a locking nut of which we filled the tine needle pinholes on the headstock) Comes with an after Strat type market case or gigbag.

Fender 1979 Hardtail Stratocaster sunburst - Vintage Guitar
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Brand Fender
Condition Pre-owned
Orientation Right-handed

Fender 1979 Hardtail Stratocaster sunburst - Vintage Guitar

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