Adding depth and extension is a highly effective way to enhance the sound of an electronic instrument. A proven method to achieve this is through the use of a delay effect. The CD10 excels in this area with its ability to produce tight, slightly repeated echoes that enrich and melodize the tone. Mimicking the vintage quality of old tape echoes, the CD10's analog circuitry combines classic sound with modern reliability. Its high-tech circuitry ensures consistent performance with minimal battery replacements. The device offers delay times up to 300 milliseconds, operates with low noise, and maintains a wide dynamic range, providing both cost-effectiveness and versatility without compromising quality. It features normal and dry stereo outputs to further expand the depth and dimension of your delay effects.

The CD10 is classified as an analog delay because it employs an analog Bucket Brigade Device (BBD) circuit to generate its delay effects, preserving the original analog signal without converting it to digital. This process results in a warmer, more natural echo as the delayed signal is looped back into the input for multiple repeats.

The nature of analog delay, which tends to distort and roll off high frequencies with increasing repeats, makes the CD10 sound more natural compared to digital delays. In the real world, sound reflections are affected by the density and texture of reflective surfaces, with high frequencies more likely to be absorbed and not reflected as strongly. Atmospheric elements like air and humidity also alter acoustic signals as they travel, contributing to the CD10’s soft, appealing sound, particularly effective in the 200-300 millisecond range, a quality hard to replicate in digital delays without significant processing.

The CD10 is especially adept at creating a doubling or slapback effect (delay time: 50-100ms, repeat: 0) in stereo. This effect gives the impression that the repeated sound is emanating from a distance, as our ears perceive the attenuation of high frequencies as indicative of a sound that has traveled further.

Made in Japan, Vintage

Ibanez DC-10 Delay Champ
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Brand Ibanez
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Ibanez CD-10 Delay Champ

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