Boss have created a compact solution to give you a professional, direct, and instant solution to creating consistent sound with the IR-2 Amp and Cabinet Simulator pedal. Select between 11 premium amp types paired with a Celestion digital IRs along with the ability to tweak and alter each setting, giving you a versatile and expressive compact unit.

IR-2 Guitar Amp Cabinets

  • Clean – BOSS original amp with a natural clean sound - 1x12” Celestion V-Type
  • Twin – Fender Twin Reverb - 2x12” Celestion A-Type
  • Tweed – 1959 Fender Bassman - 4x10” Celestion G10 Gold
  • Diamond – Vox AC-30 - 2x12” Celestion Blue
  • Crunch – BOSS original amp with high-clarity crunch tone - 2x12” Celestion G12-65
  • Brit – Marshall 1959 Super Lead - 4x12” Celestion G12M-Heritage
  • Hi-Gain – BOSS original amp with smooth well-defined gain sounds - 4x12” Celestion G12M Creamback
  • SLDN – Soldano SLO-100 - 4x12” Celestion Vintage 30
  • Brown – BOSS original high-gain amp derived from the Katana series - 4x12” Celestion G12M-Heritage
  • Modded – BOSS original amp with extreme gain and high definition - 4x12” Celestion G12K-100
  • RFIER – MESA/Boogie Dual Rectifier (Channel 2, Modern mode) - 4x12” Celestion Vintage 30
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