The Private Collection represents the pinnacle of our craft, showcasing the culmination of extensive knowledge and passion for building boutique-class instruments. Crafted from a reserved selection of premium tonewoods, these guitars are produced in extremely limited quantities each season, with an unparalleled level of care and precision. Featuring intricate designs and exclusive features such as Solid Lining and Advanced Hybrid Bracing, these collector-grade pieces stand out as truly exceptional in every respect.


Collector Pieces:
Constructed in very limited numbers, the Private Collection embodies the apex of steel-string guitar craftsmanship. Each instrument is uniquely designed and lavishly adorned, embodying our deep affection for guitar-making. With no two pieces being identical at any given time, these masterpieces are essential for any collector.


A Sound That Captivates:
Guitars from the Private Collection are meticulously hand-voiced to produce an exceptionally refined tone. Renowned for their unmatched responsiveness, precise note articulation, and room-filling projection, the sound of these guitars not only envelops the player but also mesmerizes the audience. It's a tone so compelling it could launch a thousand ships.


Premium Wood Pairings:
Crafted from our specially reserved premium tonewoods, these guitars exude elegance in both sound and appearance. These select tonewoods are naturally aged and seasoned for years, chosen for their extraordinary qualities that contribute to making an exceptional instrument – including delicate responsiveness, rich tap tones, and captivating wood grains that enchant at first sight.

Maestro Private Collection
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Brand Maestro
Condition B-Stock
Orientation Right-handed

Maestro Private Collection

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