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Visit our store in The Hague - Scheveningen haven (Harbour district). We have an extensive collection of great new & used guitars, effect pedals, tube amplifiers and accessories.


Our primary motivation is our love for guitars. All employees of Max Guitar are guitarists and audiophiles. Five of our staffmembers are skilled luthiers. We do not compromise when it comes to the quality of our tools of the trade and equipment. We bring you the best, the unusual, the unique and all the innovative products that are made with love and sustainability rather than just for short-term profit.


Max Guitar is different. Having started out as a small, specialized guitar shop for tone connoisseurs, we have grown to be one of the largest guitars stores in the Benelux, if not Europe. Why? Because of our relentless commitment to quality, both to the gear that we sell, as well as to the customer experience we provide. What sets us apart, is that we never lost that commitment in the process. So now you can step in to a giant store with thousands of guitars, amps, effects and everything else you may need, and still feel as if you are the only customer. Leave that to our dedicated staff. Our store provides an amazing collection of great new & used guitars, effect pedals, (tube) amplifiers and accessories. In our store you will find the prices and size of the biggest chain stores, combined with the pleasant experience of visiting a small, dedicated shop. That is probably why a large percentage of our early customers have accompanied us throughout our journey to become the biggest and the best – they are still with us today!


We select our staff as rigorously as we select the guitars, amps and effects that we are willing to sell. Needless to say that each one of our staff members is a devoted musician, many doubling as touring and/or studio guitarists and/or luthiers. Yes, many of us not only play guitar whenever we can, we can also repair, modify or build them. In addition to their in depth expertise on gear, our staff are trained to provide each and every customer – whether you are a professional guitarists or an aspiring beginner taking your first steps towards guitar superstardom – with the attention and information he or she needs. And we literally know how you feel – we too, are still looking for that elusive, perfect sound just like every other guitarist. It’s just that our job allows us hands on experience with the best gear in the world. That know-how we will gladly convey to, and we take all the time you need. We are happy when you are happy.


Our primary motivation is our love for guitars. We refuse to compromise when it comes to the quality of the products we are willing to sell. So we bring you only the best, the unusual, the unique and the most innovative products that reflect our commitment to quality, honesty and sustainability. We only represent the brands and products that we feel will provide you with many years of joy. Whether you need a set of strings, an upgrade for your guitar, a boutique effect or amp, a Fender or a Gibson Custom Shop guitar or a priceless vintage instrument, we take pleasure in offering you the best service available.



Even with our ruthless attention to detail and product quality, things can go wrong. Maybe an instrument you bought did not stand up to the rigors of the road, or on second thought you are not happy with the way your new guitar was set up for you. Just let us know, and we will fix it for you. As stated above, we employ dedicated luthiers in all of our stores who can repair, upgrade or modify your guitar in any way you want. We also accommodate amp repairs. Products still under warranty are fixed for free; for any other products our prices are quite reasonable.

Only at Max

Take all the time you need, ask us all the questions you want to ask. Browse our unique collection of high-end guitars, amps and effects. Play, compare, play again, find out what you really need. We are here to help. And should you need a break, our Max Café serves cold and hot drinks, and the best sandwiches of any guitar store in the world!

10 reasons to shop at Max!

  • • Biggest guitar store in the Benelux, unique collection.
  • • ‘One Stop Guitar shop’: we offer a huge stock and a very complete web store.
  • • Fast and reliable UPS shipping service.
  • • One on one personal service by qualified and knowledgeable personnel.
  • • Star Studded store: A long list of satisfied celebrity customers and users.
  • • Spend less with our Trade-in option for your current or old gear.
  • • Guitar setup? Our on-site guitar repair and service department. Always ready for action!
  • • We fix your amp! One of the best amp service departments in the Benelux.
  • • Ample parking near our shop in Scheveningen Harbour.
  • • The best coffee
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