The Maxwell Guitar line is thought out and produced by Max Guitar. Based on trusted comfortable vintage values and Craftsmanship combined with modern production techniques.The Maxwell guitars are made right here in Europe. We believe in quality, local production by experienced luthiers, not in shortcut, profit driven production in far away lands! So these arrive here in our The Hague store in the Netherlands with minimal shipping costs, no import duties, no excessive taxation or the burden of expensive ad campaigns! This is reflected in the pricing but also saves energy and other resources, in short: better for the environment!



Maxwell: Serious Guitars for Serious Players!

The Maxwells are Custom Shop level instruments for serious players in several aging levels from clean, pristine shiny to extreme heavy relic, all made by experienced luthiers! High quality and reasonable prices in a high end market where prices nowadays soar beyond the reach of many players, but not these Maxwell guitars! Divided in four ranges: The "Plank", The "Axe", the "Stang" and The "Offset". We would like to ask you to try these guitars to get an impression of the sheer quality and to experience the proof that high quality does not need to mean sheer unaffordable guitars!

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  1. Maxwell Plank Butterscotch Blonde Heavy Relic
    Maxwell Plank Butterscotch Blonde Heavy Relic
    € 2.298
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