Alhambra is being recognized as a reliable Spanish guitar builder with a wide range of products for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players. Countless young players have started on their 1C or 1C Cadet models, and later upgraded to Alhambra's mid-range instruments. All guitars made by Alhambra Guitarras are built with solid tops. Depending on the needs of the guitarist, different materials, designs and finishes are used. Besides the junior sized 3/4 Cadet model, Alhambra also offers the intermediate 7/8 sized Señorita in various price ranges for those who seek a quality instrument with a slightly narrower neck and shorter scale. While Alhambra is one of the most well-known brands for classical guitars, not everybody is aware of their Linea Professional range, and concert guitars built by their individual top luthiers like José Maria Vilaplana and Jose Miguel Moreno. Truly exquisite instruments, check them out!

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  1. Alhambra 3C
    Alhambra 3C
    € 479
  2. Alhambra 8P
    Alhambra 8P
    € 1.399
  3. Alhambra 7C Classic - 2304
    Alhambra 7C Classic - 2304
    € 892
  4. Alhambra 1C - 802
    Alhambra 1C - 802
    € 349
  5. Alhambra 3C-CW E1
    Alhambra 3C-CW E1
    € 799
  6. Alhambra 1C-S
    Alhambra 1C-S
    € 352
  7. Alhambra 1C Cadet
    Alhambra 1C Cadet
    € 349
  8. Alhambra 4F
    Alhambra 4F
    € 1.728
  9. Alhambra 7P-A
    Alhambra 7P-A
    € 1.153
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