Here at Max Guitar we stock lots of great effect pedals in all price ranges. Guitar effect pedals are a really great way to tailor your tone to your own preferences. Gain based effects like fuzz, overdrive and distortion can add overdriven sounds to amps that don’t have an overdrive channel. They can also offer you an alternative overdrive sound if your amp already has an overdrive channel. Delays and reverbs are a great way to add some ambience to your sound. Modulation effects will help you obtain classic phasing and chorused tones like Eddie van Halen’s or Andy Summers’. And our collection of Wah Wah pedals leaves nothing to be desired. We carry lots of amazing guitar effects from Boss, JHS, MXR, Dunlop, Way Huge, TC Electronic, Digitech, Chase Bliss, Death by Audio, Neunaber, Earthquaker Devices, Caroline, Catalinbread, J. Rockett, Strymon, King Tone Guitar and Mad Professor. Take a look at our collection below!

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