Plug in and strike a chord or note, and the magic happens: The warm, full-bodied, and distinct qualities of vintage tape echo are all there, crafting an unmistakable and atmospheric vibe right from the start.

From the iconic slapback echoes to the expansive, mind-bending sounds of psychedelia, each echo carries a richness and depth, responding to your every play and tweak in a way that fuels musical creativity.

Crank up the repeat setting to experience organic delay feedback that's infused with the perfect blend of grittiness. Add a touch of spring reverb to amplify the sense of spatial depth. Effortlessly craft layered, ambient textures using the tape-style sound-on-sound looper.

This is more than just a pedal; it's a gateway to transforming your pedalboard into a source of endless inspiration.


Full MIDI implementation in El Capistan allows for extensive control of nearly every switch, knob, and setting from your controller or DAW. This can be done via the EXP/MIDI jack or USB-C connection. Delay time can be synchronized with MIDI Clock Sync, with the option to save the sync setting for each preset. Additionally, there are 300 MIDI preset locations for loading and saving your preferred settings.


Hardware Improvements
El Capistan features a premium analog JFET input circuit for outstanding responsiveness to your playing style. A rear panel switch allows easy selection between mono and stereo input. The inclusion of a new ARM DSP chip enhances processing power, capturing every sonic detail while ensuring energy efficiency on your pedalboard.


Spring Reverb
Some classic tape echo machines included small, bandwidth-limited, integrated spring reverb tanks. In El Capistan, we've emulated this vintage characteristic while also crafting a spring reverb algorithm with a beautifully gentle character. This reverb not only stands well on its own but also superbly enhances delayed signals, adding depth and dimension to the overall sound.

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Brand Strymon
Condition New
Orientation Right-handed

El Capistan V2

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