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The Fender Custom Shop Dale Wilson Masterbuilt 1952 Telecaster Heavy Relic is a testament to both Fender's iconic legacy and the meticulous craftsmanship of Master Builder Dale Wilson. Born from Wilson's deep reverence for the original 1952 Telecaster, this guitar is a true homage to the timeless design that revolutionized the music industry. Wilson's mastery shines through every detail of this instrument, from its perfectly aged finish to its resonant tonal characteristics.

Dale Wilson, a revered figure in the world of guitar craftsmanship, brings decades of experience and passion to his work at the Fender Custom Shop. Renowned for his ability to capture the essence of vintage instruments while infusing them with modern playability, Wilson's dedication to his craft is evident in each guitar he creates. The Fender Custom Shop Dale Wilson Masterbuilt 1952 Telecaster Heavy Relic stands as a testament to his artistry, offering players a piece of history imbued with the soul of a true master.

Due to Dale Wilsons incredible popularity Fender have now closed his order book! For the foreseeable future Dale will not be taking on any new builds as he works through his lengthy backorder list. Because of this it will be impossible for anyone to replicate or reorder this guitar. Once its gone, its gone! Dont miss out!

The Ash body is finished in a really authentically aged Smoked Butterscotch Blonde Heavy Relic. This finish will wear beautifully with time and develop its own character even further, it also allows the natural resonance of the body to sing and sustain much more effectively.

The 2A Flame Maple neck is really comfortable. With a 9.5" radius, 21 6105 frets and a 52 Style U profile measuring .990 at the 1st and 12th fret it's super resonant and feels incredible underhand. This neck profile is one of the biggest options Fender offer, so if youre after the authentic Blackguard experience then this is for you! The Maple fingerboard is a treat to play, perfectly balanced and with flawless playability right up the neck, it's a real player's piece.

Supreme quality from top to bottom and shipped in a Fender Custom Shop hardcase, it's easy to see the Fender Masterbuilders are so highly regarded. Guitars of this calibre just don't come around every day, we love it and we're pretty sure you will too! 



More Information
Brand Fender
Condition New
Orientation Right-handed

Fender CS Dale Wilson Masterbuilt 1952 Telecaster Heavy Relic Smoked Blonde Butterscotch 403



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