The MXR Hybrid Fuzz is a modern take on the classic Fuzz Face Distortion pedals, blazing a new trail in the fuzz domain. It expertly fuses the biting, high-gain aggression of a silicon transistor with the lush, rich warmth of a germanium transistor within one circuit. With just the Output and Fuzz controls, this pedal offers a vast spectrum of Fuzz Face Distortion sounds. Whether it's the fiery psychedelia of the '60s or the gritty riffs of the high desert, the Hybrid Fuzz delivers—and it’s equally adept at everything in between. Plus, it reacts well to your guitar's volume control, cleaning up beautifully as you dial it down.

When you plug into the MXR Hybrid Fuzz, you're not just accessing a new level of sonic intensity; you're embarking on a journey of supersonic exploration. Adorned with a wildly psychedelic finish from One Horse Town design studio, this pedal is not only a powerhouse of sound but also a visual statement for your musical voyages.

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Brand MXR
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Hybrid Fuzz

€ 215

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