The Little Green Wonder is a standout overdrive pedal that delivers the rich, warm tones reminiscent of a driven valve amplifier, ensuring your guitar's natural sound and your playing dynamics take center stage.

This pedal's magic lies in its body control, which adapts fluidly to the guitar you're playing. When paired with a Telecaster and set to increase bass response, it nails a robust Tele rhythm tone reminiscent of Keith Richards and Bruce Springsteen. Switch to a Stratocaster with humbuckers, and dialing up the body control adds a welcome crispness to your sound, proving the Little Green Wonder's exceptional ability to fine-tune to your instrument and style. Its versatility and engaging sound profile make it a highly compelling choice among overdrive options.

Mad Professor offers the option for a hand-wired version of this pedal, yet the factory models, with their PCB construction, stand up remarkably well in terms of sound quality. Indeed, the difference between these and their hand-wired counterparts might be indistinguishable to most ears, showcasing that the enchantment of Mad Professor pedals remains intact without needing to invest in the more expensive, hand-wired models.

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Brand Mad Professor Pedals
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Mad Professor Little Green Wonder Overdrive

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