Max Guitar NAMM 2024 News 

Max Guitar is present at the 2024 NAMM in Los Angeles! Robbert, together with his son Arthur, will be updating you about all the new happenings from all brands Max Guitar offers!

More Taylor 50th Anniversary Models!

We have just returned from Namm and we were totally taken aback with the new Taylor Guitars for 2024. We ordered several Custom Shop models, which will arrive this summer (see our stock) but there is more: Taylor is celebrating 50 years in the business this year with the release of its 50th Anniversary Limited Edition series.

This collection, rolling out throughout 2024, will feature commemorative versions of iconic best-selling Taylor models that reflect the diverse tastes and styles of Taylor guitar players over the years. To begin, the anniversary run consists of a Builder’s Edition 814ce LTD, a 314ce LTD, and an American Dream AD14ce-SB LTD. All 50th anniversary guitars in the collection will also share a design theme of gold tuners and ebony bridge pins with gold acrylic dots, along with a commemorative 50th anniversary label inside the guitar. We received the first models just now! 

More Huber Guitars!

Max Guitar and Nik Huber have made a deal together to DOUBLE our Huber stock.

Known for their extremely high quality guitars, Nik Huber has been a dear friend of us at Max Guitar, with plenty of visits to both our store and their factory. With models such as the Piet, Orca, Seahorse and Rietbergen, these guitars are sure to turn heads both in terms of looks and sound, all the while the playability is out of this world.

Check our current stock of Nik Huber guitars here, and be sure to come check them out at our store in The Hague!

Friedman is coming back to Max Guitar! (March 2024)

Later this year, roughly in March, Friedman Guitars will be available again at Max Guitar! At NAMM, Robbert had the opportunity to thoroughly check these guitars out again and the old flame reignited.

Dave Friedman is the man behind the signature tones of rock icons Eddie Van Halen, Steve Stevens and Jerry Cantrell. Dave has been building, modding and repairing amplifiers for many of the world’s biggest stars for the past 25 years. Friedman’s innovative designs and meticulous construction have made him legendary in the world of professional touring musicians while earning him a loyal clientele from all over the world. One of Friedman’s mainstays has been modifying amps to each player’s specific tonal palette, and to consult with other established amplifier companies to improve their own designs.

Taylor's 50th Anniversary Builder's Edition 914ce!

Taylor has announced a gorgeous Builder's Edition 914ce for their 50th Anniversary line of guitars. Featuring a Honduran Rosewood body with a flat-out gorgeous Sinker Redwood top, this guitar knows how to do warmth, high-fidelity and great looks all in one package.

This guitar is part of the 50th Anniversary line of guitars that Taylor has announced at the NAMM. Throughout 2024, Taylor will be releasing a curated collection of limited-edition guitars celebrating the diversity of the Taylor line. Some guitars in the collection draw inspiration from player-favorite models over the decades, including the Grand Auditorium and 814ce. Others showcase fine tonewoods, exquisite appointments and exacting craftsmanship, like our premium Presentation Series. An homage to our founding year, production will be limited to no more than 1,974 guitars worldwide for each model.

Click the picture to check our current stock of the Builder's Edition 914ce.

For more information about the 50th Anniversary guitars, check Taylor's website here.

Gretsch Pristine

Gretsch has announced their new Limited Edition Electromatic Pristine collection of guitars! Clean, elegant and powerful, these guitars deliver uncompromising Gretsch power and fidelity in stunning style.

Inspired by the classic sounds of the ’50s and ’60s, these no-nonsense instruments embody style and playability like no other, says Gretsch. The series features two models: The Jet Single-Cut and the Center Block Double-Cut, both of which feature Bigsby tremolo tailpieces and gold hardware.

These guitars are quite good looking instruments as well. We absolutely love these guitars already!

Click the picture to check our current stock and to find more information on the specific models!

MXR Joshua Ambient Echo

Just ahead of the NAMM, MXR has announced a super customizable delay in the form of the Joshua Ambient Echo. It's is based on classic studio rack effects units and has stereo delays. Perfect for fans of The Edge and his famous echo effects.

Click the picture to check our current stock.

To find more information about the Joshua Echo, check the MXR website here.

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