“The most coveted guitar of the '80s is back, blending nostalgia and modern precision”: Adrian Vandenberg’s cult classic Peavey signature model has officially returned – and it’s received something of a glow-up! 

Peavey is “reviving a classic for the modern era” as it marks the return of its Vandenberg Signature Series with three new finishes. The range looks to mix nostalgia with modernity as it puts a contemporary spin on Adrian Vandenberg's cult classic signature guitar.

The models are available in a choice of Rock-It Pink, Purple Flame (which seems almost a trans red, deceptively) and a Matte Black. Each variation comes equipped with a Floyd Rose floating bridge and high-performance Seymour Duncan pickups. Notably, the Purple Flame model sports twin humbuckers, whilst the Pink and Black options offer single coil pickups in the neck.   

Visually, the guitar offers a slightly glitched-out take on the Strat shape, with black hardware the choice for the Pink and Black models. The Purple Flame build, which boasts a quilted maple top, stands out with its gold hardware.

For both their bodies and necks, the trio recruits high-grade mahogany, whilst ebony is the choice of wood for the fretboards. Size-wise, they comprise a 24.75" scale length and 15-inch radius. Those fretboards are adorned with Vandenberg signature inlays, with red diamond inlays exclusive to the matte black model.

They all feature Seymour Duncan pickups, which Peavey believes can offer a “tonal palette that spans from searing, high-gain leads to nuanced, dynamic cleans.” There’s a three-way selector switch and a master volume control for each.

There’s also a TB-6 humbucker in the bridge of each, though – as alluded to above –there are two choices of neck pickups on offer: there’s an STK-S6 Custom Stk Plus in the Matte Black and Rock-It Pink models, and a SH-6 in the Purple Flame.

The original Vandenberg signatures were released in the late '80s and comprised a poplar body with a two-piece maple neck. The new edition, then, sees the signature guitar receive something of a glow-up.

“The reintroduction of the Vandenberg Signature Series is a celebration not only of a groundbreaking guitar, but an influential artist's journey,” says Peavey. The Dutch guitarist rose to fame in the early ‘80s with his self-monikered Vandenberg band.

"He would later join Whitesnake and deliver that solo in Here I Go Again. He also co-wrote the band’s platinum-selling album, Slip of the Tongue. That saw him sharing guitar duties with Steve Vai, who is currently out with the reunited original G3 line-up, on the subsequent tour."

“Made to his specifications and road-tested over the years, Vandenberg guitars have become highly coveted on the resale market,” Peavey’s statement continues, “with Reverb currently selling some at a little over $3,000. Now the coveted guitar of the ‘80s is back. Reviving a classic with a perfect blend of '80s nostalgia and modern precision, it offers modern appointments for discerning players.”

Vandenberg sat down for a chat with Guitar World back in August and his rhythm playing was an integral part of what was discussed. He stated that “rhythm playing is the backbone of whatever a guitar player is trying to say – and it’s become deeply undervalued today.”

He also discussed the return of his beloved Peavey model, taking the opportunity to pay tribute to the “absolutely amazing” craftsmanship it showcased.

“As the years passed, people kept asking me if I had any Peavey Vandenberg guitars and if I'd part with them,” he said of the guitar's return. “And since I had a few, I never bothered to answer. And then Facebook groups started popping up in tribute to the guitar, and I saw all these fans. 

“So, eventually, Peavey approached me about bringing it back around a year ago; I said, 'Yes,' and we started working on it. That guitar has taken on a life of its own, which I certainly never expected.”

The revised Vandenberg signature guitars will be available to order soon. They will be sold for € 2,998 and € 3298.  

Vandenberg Signature Matte Black 2024
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Brand Peavey
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Orientation Right-handed

Peavey Vandenberg Signature Rock-it Pink 2024

€ 2,998

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