Acoustic Guitars

In 2015, Electric guitar store Max Guitar married acoustic guitar store Casa Benelly, and since that memorable date you’ll find excellent ranges of both electric and acoustic guitars under one roof.

Whether you are looking for a nylon stringed classical or flamenco guitar, or fancy a steel-string (semi) acoustic western, Resonater, Dobro or ukulele: you can find it all at Max Guitar!

We have an unrivaled range of high-end acoustic guitars, including custom shop Martins, Taylors, Gibsons and Eastmans. But we also carry a wide assortment for young or beginning guitar players.

Explore our range of acoustic guitars! Looking for acoustic amplifiers or accessories and parts? take a look at our "Amplifiers" and "Accessories & Parts" collection.

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  1. Eastman E1SS Sunburst
    Eastman E1SS Sunburst
    € 679
  2. Eastman AC122-2ce Cedar Black
    Eastman AC122-2ce Cedar Black
    € 789
  3. Martin 0-18
    Martin 0-18
    € 3.499
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