Caroline Kilobyte

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Unaffected guitar signal

The Caroline Kilobite, from the South Carolinas Caroline Guitar Company, sets a new standard in lo-fi delay tones. This delay pedal doesnt effect your analog dry path in any way so the integrity of your guitar signal is completely preserved. The dedicated overdrive/boost preamp only effects the repeats from the effect. So after the digital chip did his homework and created some nice repeats, the Kilobite blend those echoes back in your unaffected signal for a powerful, warm and dynamic tone.

The Caroline Kilobyte futures at a glance;

  • Over 500ms delay time
  • overdrive/boost preamp on repeats
  • Controls for attack, delay time, feedback/repeats, level
  • Internal trimpot to control subtle pitch shifting
  • 9vDC power jack
  • Made in the USA

Dirty audio stings

The +21db of grunge from the preamp can be used to rip apart the chips low fidelity echoes and turn them into little pieces of dirty audio stings. At the other side of the tonal palet from this little box we have some lovely, warm sounding slapback and delay.So if your looking for a warm sounding delay with something extra, come to Max Guitar and try the Caroline Kilobite!
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Brand Caroline

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