Teye La India gold plate

TMF-80068. This is an almost unplayed Teye Emperor or Super E-series La India. Order now!
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This is an almost unplayed Teye Emperor or Super E-series La India. serial #068! These E-Series instruments are Teye's flagship guitars. With full original mosaics, fully engraved metal plates, Teye-Master-series knobs and tuner buttons, Lollar pick-ups and the full new Teye-electronics including the MOJO Analog Spectrum Modeller circuit, they represent Teye’s un-compromised vision of his Electric Gypsy guitar.

This is the guitar that put Teye on the map in 2006: gorgeously engraved aluminum front (in this case a copper colored aluminum plate) surrounded by a turquoise pattern hand-inlaid mosaic. The Emperor guitars (Super-E series) all have a re-designed body construction, re-designed graphics, and Teye’s Master series volume knobs, switch tip and tuner buttons. A splendidly engraved rear plate is included Teye's guitars do not only look fantastic and sound divine, they also have countless innovations and different takes on guitar building that really make a difference to the actual result and translate to a very universal guitar that will suit any style of playing. practical differences and details that might not be immediately obvious are for instance: a thinner body shape, innovative (passive) electronics that provide immediate practical results for a more extrovert or introvert sound, 12 inch radius for more confortable playing, a 25,5 inch (strat length) scale that provides a full two octave reach, a classical neck construction that results in a virtually unbreakable neckjoint, easy access to the higher tone regions. All in all a very complete instrument!

Everybody is talking about Teye Guitars and all the major guitar magazines have given Teye Guitars rave reviews! They have found their way into the hands of players and artists all over the world. Born in the Netherlands, Teye studied flamenco guitar in Spain before relocating to Austin, Texas. Through his years as a professional musician, Teye kept a running bitch list of problems that frustrated him with guitars he could buy. When it grew too long, he decided the time was right to build himself a guitar to right those wrongs. He became friends with legendary British maker Tony Zemaitis, and today remains inspired by Zemaitis' work. Yet while Zemaitis guitars are oh-so-English in style, Teye's adornments lean on his fascination with flamenco.

Condition Pre-owned
Brand Teye
Color Gold
Orientation Right-handed
Number of Strings 6
Case Case

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